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The CAMICB Continuing Education Review Committee constantly reviews continuing education courses and providers to approve for managers to obtain qualified education. 

Managers can find all the current approved education in the List of Approved Continuing Education​. 

Here is a list of courses that may be completed on demand. CAMICB randomly audits recertification applications. Managers selected for audit will required to show documented proof of completion of continuing education courses. This includes courses offered on demand or at no cost. CAMICB encourages managers to retain documented proof of completion of continuing education for four years after course completion. 

Each course is approved for 2 years, so check each year’s approved courses in the tabs section.


CAI is a separate non-profit organization dedicated to providing current and up to date education and resources for the community association industry.
CAMICB recognizes CAI’s commitment to developing qualified education specifically for community association managers, and all CAI education has been preapproved for CMCA continuing education credit.
The Professional Management Development Program (PMDP) courses are particularly beneficial and worth upwards of 12-16 credit hours each.
Managers can also view all of CAI’s continuing education offerings in the
Learning Center.


Community association management company in-house training material can be used for CMCA
continuing education, however it must be submitted to to be reviewed and approved by CAMICB.
Only one half or eight (8) continuing education credits through approved in-house training courses can be used per Recertification cycle.


A manager may seek approval from CAMICB for a course or event not provided by a pre-approved course provider.
All unapproved coursework must be submitted to for approval prior to be used for Recertification.  CAMICB staff will then review submitted materials to determine eligibility for credit hours.
***CAMICB cannot approve coursework relating to the selling or buying of real estate


Coursework approved by a state regulatory agency for manager licensing requirements will be automatically approved for CMCA recertification continuing education credit.  These states currently include: Colorado, Florida, Nevada, and Virginia.


CMCA prerequisite coursework is also approved for continuing education.  Managers may not use the coursework to meet both examination eligibility and continuing education requirements.  For example, if a manager used CAI’s M-100: The Essentials of Community Association Management as their prerequisite education to sit for the CMCA examination, they may not submit it for CMCA recertification continuing education credit

Managers can earn continuing education for articles they have written for regional or national community association publication. A copy of the published work must be submitted to CAMICB for approval to use as continuing education. Hours will be awarded based on the following:
  • 500–1,000-word article: 2 hours
  • 1,001–1,500-word article: 3 hours
  • 1,500+: 4 hours
  • Book or journal: up to 10 hours based on individual analysis

Managers who teach a course relating the community association management can earn continuing education credit for the CMCA.
For each hour the course is taught the first time, a manager can receive two credit hours.
Each time the course is taught after that, one hour of instruction will equal one credit hour.