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Decoding the ABC's of Credentials, Certificates & Designations: What do those letters behind your name mean? - November 2018

Keep Homeowners & Employers Confident in Your Ability to Provide High Quality Service - October 2018

Understanding the Important Distinction Between Community Association Managers and Property Managers - April 2018 

White Papers

Special Report: CMCA Standards of Professional Conduct  - July 2018

Special Report: Positive Outlook for the Career Path of Credentialed Community Association Managers - June 2017

Special Report: 2012 Employment Outlook for Community Association Management - March 2012

Special Report: The State of the Community Association Management Profession -  February 2011


CAMICB Board Names Sandy Denton Vice Chair - February 2019

CAMICB Names Matthew Green Director of Credentialing Services - November 2018

CAMICB Announces a Revised Fee Structure for the CMCA Examination​ - June 2018

CAMICB Welcomes New Commissioners to the CAMICB Board of Commissioners​ - February 2018

A Job Analysis Survey of Global Association Managers Finds Stable Job and Workplace Requirements - October 2017

CAMICB Names Drew Mulhare Chair of The Board of Commissioners - February 2017

NBC-CAM Is Now Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB)  - August 2013

Special Report: 2012 Employment Outlook for Community Association Management - March 2012

A Delicate Balance: Political Yard Signs and HOA Rules During Campaign Season - November 2011

Americans Living in Community Associations shall have the Opportunity to Demonstrate Their Patriotism and Support of Our Country by Displaying the U.S. Flag - June 2011

Natural Disasters Underscore Need for HOA Disaster Plan - June 2011

HOA Flag Disputes Serve as Reminder to HOA Managers/Boards - September 2010

Community Association Management Profession Stable During Recession - December 2010

Community Association Management White Paper Illustrates Profession Steady Despite Economic Downturn - February 2011 


Community Association Industry Data (Source: Community Associations Institute)

Housing and Economic Indicators (Source: National Association of Realtors)