​​manager licensing in Colorado

In 2018 the Colorado General ​Assembly did not continue the community association management license requirement. The CAM licensing program will end at the Division of Real Estate (Division) on June 30, 2019, and the Division will no longer have any jurisdiction over community association managers and related management companies. The Division will cease to enforce any licensing, investigations, insurance, and continuing education requirements regarding this program, effective immediately.

This means that at this time there will not be any licensing for community association managers and related management companies in Colorado, and the following are examples of matters ceasing at the Division:

  • No license renewals;
  • No new applications for licensing will be accepted;
  • No pre-licensing education;
  • No State testing for CAMs;
  • No CAM continuing education (CE) course submissions and approvals;
  • No State requirements for CAM E&O and Fidelity insurance as per any CAM rules;
  • No complaint investigations;
  • No cease & desist orders issued for non-licensed CAMs;
  • No auditing of CAM insurance coverage and CE compliance; and
  • All present CAM Rules, Regulations and Position Statements will be repealed.

​The license is a waiver for the CMCA examination through June 2020

CAMICB approved the Colorado License as a prerequisite waiver for the CMCA Examination at its May 2019 Board of Commissioners meeting. While the license will become inactive in the state, CAMICB will accept evidence of the license in good standing at the time of the regime’s sunset date as a fulfillment of the CMCA prerequisite requirement until July 1, 2020. This is great news for managers who opted not to take Community Associations Institute (CAI) M-100: Essentials of Community Association Management course work on their pathway to licensure, since they now have another way to establish eligibility for the CMCA.​