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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY

Call for CMCA Exam Development Volunteers

The Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) examination is developed and maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers who work in the community association management field. Working under the direction of CAMICB’s test development partner, the Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO), these volunteers are responsible for executing all phases of the exam development process, including the review and maintenance of a bank of CMCA examination questions. An active group of committed exam development volunteers is central to the success of the CMCA credentialing program. 

CAMICB is currently expanding its volunteer pool and invites you to submit your application to become a CMCA exam development volunteer. We are seeking association management professionals with varying degrees of experience, working in a variety of settings around the world. Managers with three years of experience or more are encouraged to apply. Applicants who hold an active CMCA credential are preferred.

Why Become a CMCA Exam Development Volunteer? 

Service as a CMCA exam development volunteer is service to your profession.  It is an opportunity to be involved in building and enhancing the level of professionalism in the field of community association management, and to have a voice in defining the knowledge and skills required to serve effectively as a manager of a community association (also called a strata association, common interest development, or body corporate).  As a CMCA volunteer, you will have an opportunity to deepen your own knowledge of the profession and hone your expertise in one or more areas of practice. 

Our volunteers frequently engage in small work teams with a wide range of accomplished peers who work together to complete critical tasks for the CMCA exam program. These experiences are enjoyable and productive, and offer extraordinary opportunities for networking with peers from around the world. Many CMCA volunteers have made life-long friendships and provide support to each other outside of their volunteer roles.

Roles, Responsibilities, and Terms of Service

CMCA exam development volunteers participate in a wide range of exam development tasks, including: 

  • ​Writing, reviewing and editing examination questions prior to their inclusion in the CMCA examination item bank
  • Supporting periodic job analyses: the process by which CAMICB determines the content of the CMCA examination. Note: in 2020/2021 we will be engaged in a full job analysis cycle​
  • Developing the CMCA examination blueprint
  • Establishing the CMCA examination passing score
CMCA exam development volunteers are expected to make a long-term commitment to participation in the exam development process. The average term of service for a CMCA exam development volunteer is three years. Once selected, volunteers are expected to bring a consistent level of commitment for the duration of their assignment. ​

Exam development volunteers do not receive monetary compensation for their service. However, CAMICB awards CMCA continuing education (CE) credit to individuals who participate in the activities listed above. The number of CE credits awarded is based on the duration and complexity of a given assignment. In addition, CAMICB provides reimbursement for expenses incurred by volunteers in the performance of their assigned duties. Reimbursable expenses typically include travel, accommodations, meals, and ancillary costs.

Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all exam development volunteer activities in 2020 will be conducted remotely using teleconferencing or web-conferencing technology. Although the COVID-19 pandemic will likely keep us computer-bound for the near term, we will eventually return to holding in-person meetings with our volunteers. 

Further Details 

QUALIFICATIONS: The application process is open to all community association managers with a minimum of three years’ professional experience.  Applicants holding an active CMCA credential are preferred. 

TRAINING: No previous experience related to exam development is needed; all exam development volunteers are provided with comprehensive training at the start of each new assignment. 

CONFIDENTIALITY: All exam development volunteers are required to sign a Nondisclosure Agreement, executed annually. Additional prohibitions are outlined in the NDA.  

SELECTION: Applications will be reviewed by CAMICB staff and CMCA Exam Development Committee leadership. The criteria for selecting qualified applicants consist of a number of factors including professional experience and expertise. However, CAMICB’s overarching focus is on building a large pool of exam development volunteers that is diverse by experience, geographic location, work environment, and demographics. The make-up of volunteer groups needed for specific assignments will vary, and an effort will be made to ensure each group is reflective of the range of managers working in the field.

Next Steps

If you have any questions about volunteering, please reach out to CAMICB’s Manager of Exam Administration Madeline Hay at 

If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity, please complete the short application form here​.