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Note: Individuals seeking information regarding Community Associations Institute (CAI) designations must use the CAI Directory of Designated Professionals. CAI designations include AMS, LSM, PCAM, RS, CIRMS, CCAL, and AAMC.

CMCA Revocation

Complaints filed against active CMCAs are managed through the Enforcement Procedures for the CMCA Standards of Professional Conduct by the Professional Conduct Enforcement Committee. The Committee investigates misconduct allegations and, if necessary, sanctions CMCA credential holders. The sanction applied must reasonably relate to the nature and severity of the violation. The most severe sanction is the Revocation of the CMCA credential. Revocation is permanent. If a credential is revo​ked, the board will publish a summary of the determination and the sanction with the manager's name on the CAMICB website. The list of individuals whose CMCA has been revoked may be found here. Note that this list does not include managers who have surrendered their credentials during an investigation. Managers who voluntarily surrendered their crede​ntial had their investigation records sealed and are not eligible to reapply for certification.

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