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6402 Arlington Blvd., Suite 510
Falls Church, VA 22042

Toll Free: 866.779.CMCA (2622)

Phone: 703.970.9300
E-mail: info@camicb.org

Fax: 1.800.845.4394

Email communications from CAMICB regarding your CMCA credential — renewal, recertification, and so forth —​ will always come from info@camicb.org; or directly from a CAMICB staff member with an “@camicb.org" email address. Links provided to renew or recertify your credential will take you directly to the official CAMICB website, www.camicb.org, or to the payment portal, eweb.camicb.org. If you receive a suspicious email regarding your CMCA credential, we encourage you not to open the email. We strongly encourage you to immediately notify your IT personnel if you open a suspicious email and click on a link. Questions regarding the status of your CMCA credential may be directed to info@camicb.org.​​​​