​​​​​​Continuing Education

Recertification requires the completion of 16 hours of continuing education within your two-year certification period.

Any individual who meets the continuing education requirements to maintain the below credentials will satisfy the current CAMICB continuing education requirement:

  • CAI's Association Management Specialist (AMS)
  • CAI's Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM)
  • National Association of Housing Cooperative's (NAHC) Registered Cooperative Manager (RCM) designation
  • Florida's Community Association Manager license (CAM)
  • Nevada's Community Association Manager certificate


Credit Specifications

  • Credit hours may be earned only for education that meets either of the following criteria:
    • It pertains to community association operations or management
    • It contributes to the professional development of the CMCA
  • Educational courses are offered by approved course providers.
  • One half of the continuing education credits may be obtained through in-house training courses. These courses must be pre-approved by the Continuing Education Review Committee
  • Local law seminars and local college or university courses pertaining to accounting, business practices, computers, or foreign language will count toward the continuing education requirement
  • Courses related to buying and selling real estate are not acceptable.
  • Self-study credit must be pre-approved by CAMICB and is limited to no more than four hours every two years.
  • Teaching a course related to community association management can qualify for credit.
  • Publishing an article in a regional or national community association publication may qualify for credit.
  • Volunteering for community association related orgaizations or causes may qualify for credit
  • One hour of credit equals one hour attended.
  • Credit for a course may only be submitted one time per recertification cycle.
  • Online learning must be interactive.  Interactive coursework is defined as requiring proof of participation.

Coursework Specifications

  • The CAMICB Continuing Education Review Committee has reviewed and approved a list of coursework for CMCA recertification continuing education credit. 
  • Coursework approved by a state regulatory agency for manager licensing requirements will be approved for CMCA recertification continuing education credit.  These states currently include: Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Nevada, Virginia. 
  • CMCA prerequisite coursework is also approved for continuing education.  CMCAs may not use the coursework to meet both examination eligibility and continuing education requirements. 

CMCAs are responsible for monitoring continuing education status and maintaining the necessary records to substantiate satisfactory compliance with the recertification program.  Download the convenient continuing education tracking form that will assist you in tracking your continuing education. Remember to keep a copy of this handy and fill it out throughout the year as you attend or participate in continuing education programs.