​​Hiring a CMCA

Are you putting your most valuable assets in the hands of the most qualified professionals?

Community Associations Can Benefit Greatly By Hiring a CMCA-certified Professional

As a board member, trustee, or volunteer leader working with your association or cooperative, you have fiduciary responsibilities that obligate you to make decisions that can have a profound financial and social impact on your community. Receiving professional and accurate advice and guidance on issues such as reserves, maintenance, insurance, budgets, governance, contracts, the law, and rules enforcement can mean the difference between prosperity and disaster.

Many field experts must earn degrees and pass tests to be certified. So why would a board risk hiring a professional not qualified to look after their homes and their community?

​Management Companies Should Hire CMCA-Certified​ Professionals to Demonstrate a Commitment to Providing Quality Services

In the growing and competitive community management field, clients demand skilled managers who deliver superior service. Community leaders are looking to hire companies that employ qualified professionals. Hiring only certified managers will instill confidence and demonstrate a commitment to providing your clients with quality professional services. In return, you'll be better able to retain clients and build your business.

​CMCA-certified Managers Have Demonstrated Fundamental Knowledge and Skills

The CMCA program is the only international certification program designed exclusively for condominium, cooperative, and homeowner association managers.

The CMCA certification recognizes professionals who have demonstrated the fundamental knowledge needed to manage community associations.

Managers with this certification have:

  • Completed a pre-approved prerequisite course on community association management, had five years of experience, or hold an active license/credential from Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, or Nevada; and,
  • Passed the CMCA Examination administered by CAMICB.

Along with adhering to standards of professional conduct, CMCA-certified managers must continue their education with additional coursework every two years to maintain their certification.

Find a CMCA-certified Manager

Visit the Directory of Credential Professionals to find a CMCA in your area.

Resources for Hiring a Management Company or CMCA-certified Manager for Your Community

As you search for the right management company for your community, we have prepared an RFP (Request for Proposals) checklist to help you select a company that values certification and professionalism. Download the RFP Checklist.

We have also created a list of important questions when interviewing potential candidates to fill a community association manager role. Download the Interview Questions.​