​​LinkedIn CMCA Group

LinkedIn is a powerful professional networking website that allows you to discover a wealth of new business contacts and tremendous resources. Join other CMCAs on LinkedIn.

Many professionals advance their careers and business goals by counting on groups like CAMICB to help them make vital new business contacts. CAMICB has a new Group on LinkedIn that offers extra features to help you stay in touch with CMCAs around the country (and the world) and discover powerful new business contacts within the CMCA group and beyond.

By joining the CMCA Group on Linked In, you will have access to a tool that allows you to fully leverage your entire personal and professional network.

  1. Join the CMCA Group on LinkedIn. If you are not already a member of the professional website, join today...it's free.
  2. Click on the link on your homepage to browse or search your fellow group members' profiles. The information you learn about your peers' backgrounds and expertise will be highly relevant to your professional needs and inquiries. When you have searched and found a fellow group member you wish to contact, you can contact that member on a 1-to-1 basis rather than sending your requests to a mass email list.

CAMICB strives to open new networks and opportunities for CMCAs. Join the CMCA Group today and open up new avenues in your career!