​Show What You Know

You might be surprised to learn about all the great opportunities that CAMICB has for CMCAs to display, advertise, and boast about this terrific achievement! Here are just a few ...

Display your CMCA certificate 
Your CMCA Kit included a beautiful CMCA certificate suitable for framing. Find a beautiful frame at www.framingsuccess.com. Then prominently hang it on your office wall for everyone to admire.

Wear your CMCA lapel pin
The CMCA lapel pin is available free of charge upon request via the link sent in your CMCA Welcome email. Make sure to wear this handsome pin to the office, meetings and other events where colleagues, clients, and volunteers hang out.

Order CMCA brochuresCMCA Brochure
The CMCA brochure is the perfect pamphlet to share with homeowners and volunteers. Display the brochures on your desk, in your company's lobby or community common area to inform homeowners about the CMCA credential and why it's important. Email CAMICB to order a supply of brochures and a handy brochure holder.

Include your CMCA credential in all communications
Your credential creates a positive image and increases awareness of the profession of community association management. When discussing what you do for a living, be sure to mention that you are a CMCA. Include your credential on your resume and professional biography, and include a brief description about its value.

Use the CMCA acronym after your name wherever possible, including:

    • Business cards
    • E-mail signatures
    • Letters and reports
    • Memos and faxes
    • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blog postings
    • Directories and listings

Speak at events
Take advantage of community events, professional meetings, and CAI chapter events to speak about your CMCA and why communities benefit from hiring credentialed professionals. Use the CMCA brochure as a guide, and wear your lapel pin to create visibility and spark conversation. The greater the awareness of the CMCA credential, the greater the value to your career.

Work with your organization/association
Ask your organization to help promote the CMCA credential by posting this message on their website that includes a list of their certified managers.

Board Certified: Congratulations to our newest CMCAs! The CMCA credential is the only worldwide certification program for community association managers and demonstrates that these managers have made a commitment​ to doing their very best job for you. [list of managers with CMCA credential]