​​​Reinstating your CMCA

CAMICB policy permits a certificant to reinstate their CMCA credential by following the reinstatement requirements outlined in the "Reinstatement" portion of the CMCA Handbook

A certificant whose CMCA has lapsed due to failure to recertify or pay the annual service fee may reinstate their credential if their CMCA has been inactive for five calendar years or less. If more than five calendar years have passed since termination of the credential, the certificant must re-take and pass the CMCA examination. Full application fees apply. 

A certificant seeking reinstatement for the first time must submit a completed CMCA Reinstatement Application along with payment of the $200 reinstatement fee.

A certificant seeking reinstatement of a lapsed CMCA credential for the second time or beyond must complete more rigorous requirements to regain the credential. A certificant seeking subsequent reinstatement may choose from two options: 

  • 1) Re-take and pass the CMCA exam. Full application fees apply.
  • Or 2) Submit a CMCA Reinstatement Application​ with the following components:
    • Proof of completion of 16 hours of approved continuing education for EACH year in which the credential was inactive; 
    • Payment of the ​$135 annual service fee for EACH year in which the credential was inactive;
    • Payment of the $200 reinstatement fee.

As a part of the CMCA Reinstatement Application, the certificant must attest that, during the period in which the credential was inactive, the certificant 1) has continued to uphold the CMCA Standards of Professional Conduct and 2) has not represented themselves as an active CMCA during the period of inactivity. 

Reinstatement of the CMCA credential is subject to review by the CAMICB Board of Commissioners. The Board reserves the right to review a conviction of any nature, within any timeframe, and to deny eligibility to reinstate on the basis of that conviction. Should reinstatement of the CMCA credential be denied for any reason, the certificant has the right to appeal the denial. The appeal process is outlined in the CMCA Handbook.

Reinstate your CMCA online or submit a PDF Reinstatement Application​. 

Note: Online reinstatement is only available to certificants reinstating for the first time. Subsequent reinstatement applications must be completed in PDF form.