​Reinstating your CMCA

CAMICB policy permits a CMCA to reinstate the CMCA credential once during the course of a CMCA's career, subject to the reinstatement policies outlined in the "Reinstatement" portion of the CMCA Handbook, including payment of a $200 reinstatement fee and fulfillment of applicable continuing education requirements.

A CMCA seeking subsequent reinstatement(s) of a lapsed CMCA credential must complete the application​ for reinstatement and:

  • Re-take and pass the CMCA exam. Full application fees apply.
  • Or: Submit to the CAMICB office proof of completion of 16 hours of continuing education for each year in which the credential was inactive; submit payment of ​$115​ for each year in which the credential was inactive; and submit payment of a $200 reinstatement fee.

Any CMCA requesting an initial or subsequent reinstatement of the CMCA credential must attest that, during the period in which the credential was inactive, the CMCA:

Reinstatement of the CMCA credential is subject to review by the CAMICB Board of Commissioners.

Should reinstatement of the CMCA credential be denied for any reason a CMCA has the right to appeal the denial. The appeal process is outlined in the CMCA Handbook.

An individual with a felony conviction for crimes of moral turpitude, including but not limited to crimes of a fiduciary nature such as embezzlement, forgery, fraud, or theft, may be denied eligibility to apply, reinstate, or recertify regardless of the time since conviction.

Reinstate your CMCA online.