​​​​​​​​State Specific Requirements

CAMICB, in conjunction with CAI, encourages and supports self-regulation of the community association management profession. Self-regulation of an industry is a group that exercises some degree of regulatory authority over their profession. CAMICB developed the CMCA certification to provide for self-regulation of the community management profession. The CMCA certification was created by leaders in the community association management profession, and it has the necessary components for a successful self-regulatory program - an accredited examination that measures the required knowledge and competency, strict standards of professional and ethical conduct, and a widely recognized professional certification.

The following states have passed laws and regulations governing the practice of community association management:






Illinois *​​



Note: Given states' changes in this area, contact individual state regulators or CAI​ for the most current licensing or registration requirements.

* Illinois requires managers to hold a professional license. Applicants have the option to establish eligibility for the Illinois CAM license by passing the CMCA examination. Illinois requires that 20 hours of pre-license education in community association management must have been completed within the 24-month period prior to taking the exam. Learn more at idfpr.illinois.gov​ or contact the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation at fpr.realestate@illinois.gov.