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You may not receive any assistance from other individuals while taking the exam, and you may not allow other individuals to see the computer screen that presents the exam questions.

If another person enters the room while you are testing and/or is visible within your camera screen, your exam will be terminated. The proctor cannot answer questions related to exam content.

​Most issues can be avoided by completing a system test​ and ensuring that you meet all system requirements in advance of testing. Common issues include an unreliable internet connection and third-party applications trying to run during your exam. We strongly recommend that candidates confirm that all applications have been closed and that there is a sufficient and reliable internet connection prior to testing.​​

Proctors are actively observing examinees in real time during exam sessions. The proctor will monitor for suspicious movement during the duration of the exam session and may interrupt you if there is any suspicious behavior or rule violations, and take appropriate actions. 

The proctor primarily communicates with examinees via a chat application built into OnVUE.​
You are permitted to have a beverage during your exam. Eating during your exam his prohibited, as is the use of tobacco products or chewing gum.

​No. You must stay within the webcam view at all times and cannot move the webcam or leave the testing enviroment once the exam session has started.


​Only desktop and laptop computers running Windows or macOS operating systems that meet these minimum specifications may be used. Tablets are not allowed and touchscreens are not supported.


​No. If this happens, a proctor will ask you to stop reading the questions aloud. If you continue, the exam may be terminated.​

​If a disconnection occurs, the exam timer stops and you will resume from the question or moment you left the exam. If technical issues occur during an exam, you can use the OnVUE chat function to discuss the problem and its remedy with Pearson VUE support staff. 

If the connection between you and the proctor is lost, a proctor will try to contact you either through your computer or by phone to see what happened and offer help in restarting the exam. If you do not respond to the proctor, your test session will be terminated. The proctor will also create a case for you in our system outlining what happened; standard protocols regarding test revocation will be followed. If, during your exam, a proctor asks you to restart or you lose connection to your exam, you can resume testing by relaunching the application through your downloads by following these steps:

  1. Locate your downloads folder and reopen the OnVUE application
  2. Recomplete any requested check in steps and then click next. Your exam should reload and begin. If your exam does not relaunch, please contact our customer service team via chat for additional support.
​You can use the digital whiteboard to do scratch work or take notes. Physical scratch paper or note boards are not allowed when taking an OnVUE exam.

During your exam, you are not allowed to use exam-specific materials and you are not permitted to use any physical writing instruments such as pen, marker, or pencil.
​If someone does inadvertently enter, say “Please leave; I’m testing.” No other communication is allowed and could lead to termination of the exam


​The following actions are considered misconduct:

  • Accessing a cell phone
  • Accessing unauthorized materials
  • Attempting to cheat or steal exam content
  • Attempting to bribe the test administrator
  • Covering mouth with hands
  • Having a cell phone within arm's reach and within view of the camera
  • Leaving the room or getting up from the workstation
  • Moving eyes away from the computer screen repeatedly
  • Moving outside of the camera's view
  • Mumbling or speaking aloud
  • Speaking to a third party (telling the person to leave the room is allowed)
  • Wearing headphones, earbuds, or a headset
  • Wearing a watch or smart watch