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For the complaint to have merit, you must identify a clear violation of one or more of the CMCA Standards of Professional Conduct and provide evidence of the breach.


Anyone can submit a complaint against a professional holding an active CMCA.  The complaint must be in writing and signed by the individual bringing the complaint.  The requirements to submit a complaint are listed above.


CAMICB staff does not determine whether allegations rise to the level of a violation of the CMCA Standards of Professional Conduct.  The CMCA Professional Conduct and Enforcement Committee reviews all complaints.  Volunteers from the association management and association law professions comprise the Committee.


Evidence of a violation of one or more of the CMCA Standards of Professional Conduct is required for a complaint to be reviewed.  Supporting evidence may include written documentation, corroborating statements by other persons, or specific information about persons who may be contacted to provide such corroboration.  Verbal statements without written corroboration from a third party will not be considered evidence.  A lack of evidence could result in a rejection of the complaint.  Consideration of the complaint can only begin after all components of the complaint form and documentation are received. 


The complaint process can take up to 6 months.  The Enforcement Procedures for the CMCA Standards of Professional Conduct outline the timeframes for each step of the complaint process


​If the complaint advances to the Inquiry Process as outlined on pages 5-6 of the Enforcement Procedures for CMCA Standards of Professional Conduct, the complainant's name and the complaint documentation will be released to the CMCA for review and response.


Any of the following sanctions or combination thereof may be imposed:

  • ​Public or private written reprimand,
  • Suspension of the CMCA credential for a designated period; or
  • Revocation of the CMCA credential.  Revocation is permanent. 

If your community association manager does not hold an active CMCA, CAMICB cannot accept a complaint.  Individuals that do not hold an active CMCA credential are not required to adhere to the CMCA Standards of Professional Conduct.  Contact your state professional regulatory body.


Please report this activity to CAMICB by emailing us at​ with evidence of the trademark violation.  CAMICB will follow up with a cease and desist order or pursue legal options if necessary.